The first step is to contact me to ask questions and see whether we might make a good team. If it feels right, we can meet at your home to get into more detail. I'm happy to advise on the elements of a fabulous sales price; presentation, promotion timing and pricing. You may have questions about:

  • What renovations are worth doing before putting your house on the market.
  • Whether and which outdoor improvements or staging will improve your sales price.
  • What the timeline might look like, and when the best time to sell might be. I am informed to the day!
  • How your home will be marketed; I will show you options for brochures, photography, your web site, and mailers.
  • How and when your home can be shown to buyers; you have options.
  • What pricing strategies might work best for you.
  • What your expenses and net profit are projected to be.

After you have offers on the table, I will help you negotiate for the best result. I will be with you every step of the way during the escrow period. And I will always make sure the details are in order so thatyou have happy buyers on the other end.

You may want to sell now or later, even a year from now. Your level of involvement may be high or next to nothing. You may be living in the house, nearby, or on another continent. You may have tenants, or work in progress. The sale may be very public with packed open houses, or private, exclusively marketed to a targeted group. Let's tailor the plan to your needs.

I will be enthusiastically involved and in regular communication with you. You will feel informed and well cared for. You will rest assured that every stone is being turned over with your success and wellbeing in mind. Your best experience and outcome is what it's all about for me.

The Magic of Market Prep

Occasionally it makes sense to sell a home "as-is" with no up-front investment, and I have helped sellers in certain situations do just that.  But ninety-nine percent of the time it makes better financial sense to present the home at it's very best.  This usually means investing in cleaning, painting, yard work and staging.  It could also mean completing minor repairs or remodeling.  Part of my job, whether you are selling soon or in the future, is to advise you on which are the best investments.  I can be there every step of the way, obtaining multiple bids for you, introducing you to my service providers or using your own. I make sure we keep costs as low as possible while getting a stellar result.  You should expect at least a ten-fold return on every investment (that's right, a 1000% return on every dollar you spend).  I want your home, photographed by my professional crew (at my cost) to dazzle the eye.  For examples of how I have been involved in preparing homes, go to the Sellers' Homes Sold on this site.

For a quick look at the kind of transformation that is possible, take a look at this house, which received eighteen offers and sold for $650,000 over the asking price:

Yard Before

Yard Before

yard before_RESIZE

Yard After

Yard After

yard after_RESIZE

Sun Room Before

sunroom before_RESIZE_NEW

Bedroom/Office Before

NEW_southwest bedroom before_RESIZE

Bedroom Before

NEW_northwest bedroom before

Dining Room Before

dining before_RESIZE

Sun Room After

Yard After

sunroom after_RESIZE

Bedroom/Office After


Bedroom After


Dining Room After




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